Lawyer Evren Demircan


Lawyer Evren Demircan, is a founding partner of the law firm Demircan operates for 8 years.


Being established on July 2010 on the principle of “justice for anybody, lawyer for justice”, Demircan Law Office has been one of the leading law offices in and around Eskişehir.

With its young and dynamic team specializing in their respective fields, Demircan Law Office resolves your legal problems with a solution-based approach.In accordance with the mission of Demircan Law Office, the priority of the lawyers and the staff is to provide disciplined, reliable and accurate service to its advisors and clients based on the main principles of the professional ethics and law.


With a vision based on professional business and rightness, Demircan Law Office aims to provide legal counseling of international standards all across Turkey and all over the world within the scope its respective fields.



Graduated 09-2014

Anadolu University - (distance learning) Institute of Social Sciences, Communication (Turkish) CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS
License 09.2004-06.2009


Istanbul Kültür University - (Education) Law, Faculty of Law (Turkish, Scholarship)
Associate Degree 09-2013 / 05-2015


Anadolu University - (Open Learning) Open University, Health Care Management (Turkish)

High school

Eskişehir Anatolian High School Kılıçoğlu 09.1997 - 06.2004

Foreign languages

English / French



Eskişehir Divorce and Criminal Law | Demircan Law Office


Demircan Law Office which is among Eskişehir Lawyers' Branches Eskişehir Lawyers list member Eskisehir under the leadership of Evren Demircan; Trademark Law, Real Estate Law, Family Law, Criminal Law, Information Law, Trademark Patent Law, Healthcare Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Law, Consumer Law, Banking and Finance Law, Intellectual Property Law, Execution and Bankruptcy Law, Business and Social Security Law, Corporate Law, Recognition, Enforcement Law and Counseling services.

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Lawyers Evren Demircan and Demircan Law are among the lawyers of Eskişehir Bar.

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