Consumer Law

The Services We Provide in the Field of Consumer Law


  • The unauthorized deductions under the name of the “Credit Charges, File Charges, credit Fixing Charges, Credit Intelligence Fee, Expertise Fees …” when the consumer use house, auto and personal loans and unjust deductions made from the bank accounts of the consumer under the name of the “Annual credit Card Fees, Account Maintenance Fee …” are demanded to be returned by the attorneys of our office. Applications are made;
  • To the District Consumer Arbitration Committee for an amount of up to 2.200 TL
  • To the Provincial Consumer Arbitration Committee for an amount of up to between 2.200 TL – 3.300 TL.
  • To the Consumers" Courts for the amounts over 3.300 TL.
  • Defective Products (Optional Rights to be used by the Consumers), return, change and repair of the Defective Products.
  • Defective Services (compensation of the financial and non-pecuniary loss arising from the Defective Service)
  • Unfair Terms in the Contract.
  • Distance Contracts
  • Door-to-door Sales, Online Sales, Discounted Sales, Sales Installments
  • Vacation Rental, Tour Packages, Subscription Agreements
  • Price Tag, Warranty Card, User Guide, After Sales Services
  • The ruling by the Consumer Courts of the suspension of the production and the sales of the products and recalling of the products.