Working Principles of Demircan Law Firm


Talks with the advisors and clients: The authorized lawyers of Demircan Law Office work on an appointment system. For this reason, an appointment must be got for any talk. The appointment requests can be communicated to Demircan Law Office through the office telephones specified in the above tab at 09.00 – 18.00 weekdays and at 10.00 – 15.00 on Sundays.


For any kind of advice and talk with Demircan Law Office, the name-surname, telephone number and address information of the applicant must be given to the office assistant in a complete and accurate way. Or Demircan Law Office will not be held responsible for the communication problems.


The advisors and clients must submit all the documents regarding the subject of the case to the assistants of Demircan Law Office to get accurate information. Within this scope, all the documents belonging to the client and the samples of the case files shall be kept in the archives of the law office in strict confidentiality as a necessity of the power of attorney upon the completion of all legal procedures.


It is not a must for the client to participate in the hearings for any situation other than those closely related to the rights of the client. The client who is required to participate in the hearing is reached by the assistants of the office at least 1 day before the hearing and he/she is informed about the days, hour and place of the hearing.


As Demircan Law Office, we hold weekly meetings with the participation of all the staff and the past week is reviewed and the next week is planned.


As per the Lawyer's Law, the lawyers must not give any information in the files to those other than the client and the applicant and the information must be kept as confidential. The staff in Demircan Law Office pays special importance to these principles and shares information in the files only with the applicants.


Your case file and enforcement files are monitored with due diligence by Demircan Law Office. As new developments occur as regards the case and enforcement files, the clients are informed by the staff in the law office.


One of the principles of Demircan Law Office is the attorney service and fee contract made with the client for any agreed procedure. In this regard, any kind of procedures are made clear by both the authorized lawyers and client.


Following the power of attorneys given to the authorized attorneys of Demircan Law Office, legal procedures are carried out in line with the client"s demands based on a sensitivity of trust relationship established between the client and lawyer and no procedure is carried out without informing the client.


As a principle, Demircan Law Office demands the required expenses (fees, expenses advances, mail expenses etc.) and attorney fees that are required to be paid in cash at the beginning of any legal procedure. It does not initiate any legal procedure without being paid the required expenses. The receipt and payment slip of any payment are kept by the staff in the law office and upon request, a sample is submitted to the clients.


The staff of Demircan Law Office does not give any information on the phone regarding the attorney fees and clients can get information during the face-to-face talks regarding the attorney fees considering the specific features of any file. As per the Lawyers Law, any kind of counseling is subjected to a fee.


a-) When one enters the basic and decision numbers of the case file into the “File Search” on the websites of and, he/she can learn the latest on the files.


b-) or he/she can learn the latest on the file on the website of “tü” through the “E-state” code obtained from the Post Office Administration.


PTT administration or the "e-government" by taking the password "" taken on the site folder.