Health Law

The Services We Provide in the Field of Health Law


  • Criminal cases arising from physician errors,
  • Financial and non-pecuniary damages cases arising from physician errors,
  • Liabilities arising from the medical errors of the medical staff,
  • Patient and physicians" rights,
  • Management of the private health institutions,
  • Counseling and legal services in relation to corporate and professional liability insurance towards health organizations and professionals.


The Services We Provide in the Field of Drug Law


  • Preparation and regulation of the contracts regarding the drug raw materials and production, distribution, and clinical researches of the pharmaceutical companies working in the drug and health sector,
  • Counseling and legal services for the companies producing medical equipment and material, hospitals and other health institutions,
  • Monitoring the drug patents and registration of the trademarks as regards the sector and the cases in relation to the conflicts arising from these.


The Services We Provide in the Field of Pharmacy

  • Unfair deductions and returns carried out by the SSI,
  • Legal issues arising from the Medula System and Chemist"s Communiqué,
  • Contracts of employment of indefinite duration for the Pharmaceutical Companies and depots.